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Where to start?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

So excited for my new studio, yet completely overwhelmed by all that needs done!

After getting all of the boxes and misc. stuff that belonged in the house out, there was still a lot that needed to stay.

My husband, Bryon and I decided that we would need to do half of the room at a time so we moved everything to one side.

Look at all of the nails that were in the walls!

The last person to use this building was a musician and had put foam acoustic tiles on the walls with sticky Velcro. They were quite a challenge to remove.

After all of the wall repairs and patching, my husband washed and painted half of the ceiling.

Sticking with my brand colors, I decided on pink paint for the walls.

We've made some progress!


I'm so excited to have other sewists who are interested in my studio journey!

Here are some of the notes that I received.

~ I want to follow your progress. I just got a whole room in my house for my sewing and am trying to figure out best use of space.


~ One extra step has aided me immensely is to have an index book( like a steno pad) divided into alpha sections and record where each project is saves so much time searching and frustration in the long run vs. opening each bin, box, project bag etc. In a perfect world our creating space would be just that...PERFECT! Congrats on your new space & enjoy the process.


~ I have photos of my 12' x 12' studio. it is a compact area but works well. Machine and tables form a rectangle in the middle of the room. Flannel for design on one wall, furniture for storage on other walls, coffee table UNDER the 6' x 6' cutting table holds threads, machine parts, scrap basket, and bins under the coffee table hold fabric and batting. Works for me!

12’ x 12’ room! Working space in the center, storage around the edges, plus one design wall.


~ Love your sweet cottage studio! I don’t know your preferences in color and style, but shiplap is one of my favorites.


~ I had a handyman cut the drywall & put a pulldown ironing board between the studs. I found it at Lowes. It is bigger than a table top board but smaller than a regular one. Love the floors & so many outlets!.. You deserve this.


~ Congratulations on your new house with a separate building for quilting! I see the river in the background; have you checked to see if this river floods frequently? I lived in a beautiful home in New York, which was located 1/2 mile from a river. I found out 3 months after the purchase that it was located on a flood plain. We had to purchase flood insurance and I'm glad we got it. We suffered three floods during the 30 years we lived there; the first cost over $21,000 in damages.



~ If you know of anything that may be helpful to me, feel free to send me a note on my contact page.

Until next time.....Quilt On My Friends!


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